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Home Inspection Course

One of the most important factors to deciding whether or not a real estate transaction is going to fall through is what the home inspection report reveals about the property in question. While a buyer may fall in love with a home’s appearance and floor plan, they may not know what is going on inside of the structure as a whole.

Sellers may blame home inspectors for a deal falling through, but professional inspectors are the ones that protect home buyers from being stuck with a home that is unfit to live in. By finding evidence of water damage, termites, mold and mildew growth, and even structural problems, home inspectors are the last line of defense to protecting home buyers.

If you have been considering pursuing a career in home inspection, you will be happy to know that there is a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional inspection certification classes. My Real Estate School, in partnership with Career Webschool, has the only online education courses in the state of Alabama. By offering the best courses built off of over 20 years of experienced and success curriculum, you can enjoy top quality education in the comfort of your own home.

Number 1 Real Estate School In Birmingham

Despite the field of home inspection relying on new diagnostic technology on a daily basis, the process of obtaining a fully accredited license usually depends on outdated methods of in-classroom learning. However, now you can have technology work for you by taking our best home inspection courses on your terms. Learn when it is convenient for you wherever you have an Internet connection.

Did you know that some states do not even offer a certificate or license for home inspectors? While some realtors would see this as a blessing, it only puts the buyers at risk. When you offer top quality inspection services built off of a deep understanding of the fundamentals, however, you can help protect more buyers from making a terrible purchase.

When you can protect more buyers in Birmingham, AL, or anywhere else in the state, all real estate professionals win. Protected buyers lead to more informed purchasing decisions and a stronger local market all around. When our state has confident real estate purchasers, it only helps to ensure that we are going to continue seeing market growth.

Best of all, we have courses for multiple stages of home inspection professionals. Whether you are just starting out, or you have years of home inspection experience, we offer the perfect class for your exact education needs. For those new to the field, you will find our 120-hour Master Curriculum informative and with a proven track record of success. Alternatively, if you are a returning professional, you can enjoy the educational experience of our 60-hour training course.

No matter what you need to succeed at being the best home inspector possible, you will find all the necessary education and training with our programs. With an experienced educational program built on decades of experience, we remain the trusted choice for more area professionals than any other school.