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Are you interested in working in the real estate industry, but you are not sure if sales are the right area for you? Do you have an eye for detail and can remain self-motivated? Then chances are you are an ideal candidate for becoming a professional home appraiser.

Home appraisals play a huge role in determining a proper sales price, as well as what similar homes can list for. And you already know that My Real Estate School is the top name in Birmingham, AL real estate education; our home appraisal courses are even better now that we have teamed up Career Webschool.

Being a licensed real estate appraisal is the best of both ends of being involved in real estate. By utilizing clerical office tools and spending a large portion of time out in the field, you provide both the buyers and sellers with an objective professional opinion on their property. By being on the front lines of every real estate transaction, you are helping keep the local market fair and balanced.

As is the case with being a Realtor, becoming an appraiser has strict requirements. In addition to having the bare minimum of approximately 1,000 hours of professional appraisal experience within the past five years, applicants also need 75 hours of classroom time within the span of the past decade. Moreover, if you are looking to become licensed, you would need 2,000 hours!

In today’s market, more professionals are finding it difficult to be able to take 75 hours of their time to sit in a boring classroom. As is the case with a sales license, you could attempt to knock it all out in a marathon classroom setting. However, the appraisal can be far more technical than sales, and it can be difficult to cram so much information at once.

That is why, when you choose the school that has already proven to be the best for more Alabama professionals, you can enjoy learning at your own pace. With our 75 hours online classroom, anyone can become a real estate appraisal on his or her terms. There are no stuffy classrooms or boring lectures, and there’s no stress about leaving work to go to class.

Better yet, our home appraisal course is affordable. For just $795, you can learn from the comfort of your own home at your stride. That is only a dollar per hour of professional instruction!

Another way that our school can help more area professionals is with appraisal continuing education. As is the case with any legal form of service, continuing education is not only ideal for keeping current with new laws, regulations, and best practices; it is a requirement to keep practicing.

Whether you are trying to get your foot in the door or you have been practicing home appraisal for a long time, everyone can benefit from our online course. Convenient, affordable, and efficient, you will not find a better program anywhere else in the state. To make the most of your education, choose us for your course.