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Post-License Course

If you have recently passed your agent exam and achieved full certification, congrats! Now, you are probably wondering “what next?” After all, most of our students hold a temporary license and no idea what to do with it. This is to be expected; most new agents focus so intently on passing their exam that they have not given much else any consideration.

The same top name in Birmingham AL real estate instruction wants to help you jumpstart your career. Moreover, the best way to do that is with the 30 Hour Post License Course at My Real Estate School. It may seem counterproductive to head back to class right after passing your exam, but most new real estate agents make careless mistakes during their initial employment. While it is true there’s no teacher like experience; our course is the next best thing.

When you choose our instruction for your post exam needs, you are getting a deeper insider understanding of your new profession before you even begin. By covering more topics than any of our competitors will, we can put you on the right path to success. By signing up for our instruction, you can have better-led exposure through such areas as:

  • Better Negotiation Techniques
  • Effective Prospecting Methods
  • Professional Networking Skills
  • Real Estate Calculator Functions
  • Better Time Management Techniques
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • How to Show Property – and See Results
  • And much more.

Simply put, taking our post license course is what will separate anyone from calling themselves an agent, and those who are trying to become a true area professional. We provide you with all of the tools to make the most of your license, giving you the edge you need to outpace your competition. Whether you plan on remaining an agent for a long time, are taking your first steps towards becoming a broker, or you simply feel overwhelmed after the exam, we are here to help more real estate practitioners.

We have instructional methods for any preferred type of student. With both online virtual classes and in-person classroom settings, more Alabama real estate professionals can achieve the level of confidence and knowledge that they need before heading into the field. Not only will this help you with your transactions, but it will give your new employer the confidence to hire you over other candidates.

No matter which form of class you decide is best for you, you will find convenient pacing and affordable pricing. Our top concern is giving more new agents the education that they need to find the success that they deserve. There’s a reason why even after 20 years more area professionals know that we are the best instruction in the state.

When you need the right tools and know-how to take on the market, then you need us to provide you with the best real estate instruction in the state. With a wider range of topics and more convenient choices for instruction you can become your best in just 30 hours.