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Earn your Alabama real estate license when you complete pre-licensing courses.

With multiple ways to learn online — including self-paced courses or real-time, livestream classes — choose an option that aligns with your life and professional goals.



*Dates for 2023 To Be Announced

EVENING (ALL LOCATIONS - Classroom & Livestream locations listed)
(Tuesday & Wednesday Nights, 6-9:30pm)

August 23 - October 18

DAYTIME (Main Vestavia Location & Select Livestream locations)
(Tuesdsay & Wednesdays 10a-1:30p)

September 6 - October 26

DAYTIME 6 WEEK ACCELERATED COURSE (Main Vestavia location & Select Livestream Locations)
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 10a-1:30p)

November 3 - December 13 

Everyone remembers what it was like taking a test at school. Moreover, while some of your classmates were natural-born exam takers, not everyone found themselves quite so gifted. That is why, as someone trying to become a professional real estate agent and seeking full certification, the prospect of having to pass yet another exam can be nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Whether you find yourself having the sort of personality that’s difficult to focus during studying, or it is taken you a while to complete the preliminary lessons to this point, our online Exam Cram Courses are an effective and affordable exam preparatory course. In just two days’ time, you will be reviewed with the most pertinent information from your previous studies, bringing everything you have learned back to the forefront. You will walk into your testing day more calm and confident, knowing that you are prepared the best that you can be.

By combing the best in local instruction that brings real estate course information in a fun and fast-paced curriculum, you will find better information retention and the confidence that you need to obtain your license. Before you trust your real estate licensing exam prep with any other school, choose the one that’s been helping more realtors for longer than anyone else in the state of Alabama.

New Option Available!

On Demand: Virtual Cram Course


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*Very important...

You must have a temporary license number back from the Real Estate Commission to begin the Post class. If you attend the class and do not have a license number to put on your registration form, you will be asked to come back when you have your license number in hand.

The course is presented at our Main Location in Birmingham (the Barbour Building):
601 Vestavia Pkwy

Suite 260
Birmingham, AL 35216


Scoll down to register, BUT PLEASE READ BELOW FIRST.

Step 1: PICK THE DATE YOU WISH TO TAKE YOUR FIRST MODULE. DATES ARE LISTED BELOW.  You can take the modules in any order.

Step 2: Once you have selected the date of the first module you will take, register on the website. This registration cost will cover BOTH modules and you will NOT need to let us know the date of the second you will attend. We will note your attendnace when you arrive for that date.

PLEASE NOTE: Your post license course NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR TEMPORARY LICENSE EXPIRES. BOTH Modules will satisfy the 30 hour requirement and the school will submit your completion to the real estate commission.




(Module 2) August 13 & 14

(Module 1) September 10 & 11

(Module 2) October 8 & 9

(Module 1) November 12 & 13

Post-License Course Descripion: 

If you have recently passed your agent exam and achieved full certification, congrats! Now, you are probably wondering “what next?” After all, most of our students hold a temporary license and no idea what to do with it. This is to be expected; most new agents focus so intently on passing their exam that they have not given much else any consideration.

The same top name in Birmingham AL real estate instruction wants to help you jumpstart your career. Moreover, the best way to do that is with the 30 Hour Post License Course at My Real Estate School. It may seem counterproductive to head back to class right after passing your exam, but most new real estate agents make careless mistakes during their initial employment. While it is true there’s no teacher like experience; our course is the next best thing.

When you choose our instruction for your post exam needs, you are getting a deeper insider understanding of your new profession before you even begin. By covering more topics than any of our competitors will, we can put you on the right path to success. By signing up for our instruction, you can have better-led exposure through such areas as:

  • Better Negotiation Techniques
  • Effective Prospecting Methods
  • Professional Networking Skills
  • Better Time Management Techniques
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • How to Show Property – and See Results

...And much more. 


Real Estate Continuing Education

If you were asked what professions require continuing education, you may say something along the lines of health care or legal services. And while that is true, one profession more people forget to remember about is with real estate sales. Real estate is not as cut and dry as obtaining a license. As real estate has a particular set of laws, rules, and regulations, both in the local market and nationally, every professional is required to continue taking educational courses.

Luckily, the top name in local Birmingham AL real estate license courses also offers the best in real estate continuing educational instruction. My Real Estate School helps more real estate professionals in Alabama stay ahead of their competition with the top quality educational courses. Whatever field that you excel in, we have fully accredited and affordable lessons for you,